Babae Ka, Hindi Babae Lang!

In the violence-driven governance of the Duterte administration that perpetuated the bloody tokhang, countless and never ending human rights violations; together with the “shoot-to-kill” and ill-founded statements are the misogynistic and sexist remarks that are spewed more often by the President himself to silence his critics, which suppresses womankind that is already exploited by the ideology of patriarchy and that remains victim of stereotyping since time immemorial.

Amidst the oppression, women’s leadership and activism continue to prove that they can be at the forefront of a better society and a nation that is more suitable for everyone, where equality and justice are evident. Thus, history will always prove that empowered women are the driving force behind a successful revolution that either overthrew an invader or a dictator.

Today we commemorate womenfolk that are martyred, untiringly resisting against tyranny, fighting for liberty, and are partaking in the nation-building. Altogether we can break the chains of gender stereotypes–and together we must rise against injustices and oppose the fascists.

Abante, babae! Palaban, militante!

Words by McGiorge David

Typography by Marienel Calma

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