HAU admin asks Angelites to not abuse their ‘leniency’

Last department in line, the School of Education (SED), HAU administration along with the University Student Council, College Student Council-SED, The Reflection, and The Angelite voiced out the inadequacy of resources to participate in online classes as the University asks to not abuse the leniency they are offering.

The Reflection, the official student publication of the School of Education (SED) shared the results of the survey they conducted in their department, showing that 10.6% of the students don’t have their own personal gadget to use in online classes, while 56.5% are those who don’t have stable internet connection.

According to Dr. Alma Natividad, SED Dean, the department is coming up with plans of buying gadgets and data access for their students to conveniently work at their own pace.

The department also assures to give considerations on the student’s quandary of partaking into online classes. “The faculty have been instructed to be more lenient this time”, said Ms. Mutya Paulino, Program Chairperson.

“We are constantly reminding the teachers to give considerations to students. No work during holidays and no deadlines during weekends”, added Dean Natividad.

Those inconsiderate teachers will be reported to the Program Chairperson and Dean. However, the university asks not to abuse the leniency that they are offering in this time of pandemic.

HAU’s 1000 tablet loan

The university once reiterated their plans of lending free tablets to those students who don’t have any gadget materials.

“Irarank natin sila based on academic standing…And if marami sila, who knows you can request more to the president”, said Mr. Robby Tantingco, Vice President for Student Affairs and Services when asked about the qualifications of lending the free tablets. These lending of tablets are subject for extension once it exceeds the loan period of 6 months or 12 months.

The Office of the Scholarships and Grants will process the qualifications and will identify the students who can lend the said tablets.

Video Demonstrations

“According to Dr. Patterson, students can have demo performance thru video. Students then may video themselves for the performance and watch the video later on”, said Dean Natividad.

“Sa mga BPE namin, social distancing is not a problem because of the class size”, Dean Natividad added as she referred on the students during the in-campus set-up.

The department has two solutions regarding the unfinished practical activities from the previous semester, suchlike demo teaching, face-to-face teaching when in-campus classes start, and online performance.

However, these cases may depend on the lifting of the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) as the university needs to adhere to the rules of the government.

The university is yet to finalize these resolutions presented in the meeting.

This is a developing story.

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