HAU to be transparent on the unused fees

As the first semester of Academic Year 2020-2021 is under online instructions, Holy Angel University ensures to deduct unused fees and to fully utilize miscellaneous fees despite of facing virtual activities, more so, students are asking for transparency of the breakdown of fees.

With the residual miscellaneous fees amounting to 7,120PHP and 4,682PHP for freshmen and upperclassmen respectively, the university deducted unused fees suchlike Guidance and Counseling, Medical/Dental Fee, Athletic Fee, College Student Activity Fee, Audio Visual Fee, Energy Fee, Publication Fee, and Student Council Fee totaling to 2,033PHP.

Whilst these fees will not be collected, guidance and counseling, and medical/dental clinic are still open to accommodate the necessities of the students if the government warrants the need to operate in-campus activities. Additionally, student publications and students councils that agreed to not collect fees this semester will be given advance funding if activities materialize after pandemic, as well as the guidelines to be strictly imposed during the events.

When online instruction starts, the university assures that students can access the university library thru e-books and e-journals which will be in dire need as resources for the entire semester.

Various meetings have been continuously taking place spearheaded by the administration to plan the academic year amidst the pandemic.

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