Student reps pushes petition to Mayor, Gov

Student leaders submitted a letter to the Office of the Angeles City Mayor and Pampanga Provincial Governor to plead for support in demanding transparency and compassion from the Holy Angel University administration.

“We invite your good office to join the students of your locale to support our good cause — expressing your support will not only heighten the morale of the Angelite community but perhaps enlighten the academic institution,” stated in the letter addressed to the local government units.

The letter was also forwarded to the City Mayors of San Fernando and Mabalacat City via email but will be physically submitted within this week.

The student leaders also mentioned that due to the policies of the university administration, a significant percentage of Angelites will not be able to enroll this year.

This move came after the request for an open dialogue, to discuss the petition and the widespread disapproval of the Angelite community against the anti-poor policies in the university, was denied.

Until now, the HAU admin remains firm in their anti-student policies denying all requests, appeals and petition even those that are being lobbied internally by student councils.

The enrollment for the second semester will end this Friday, and classes are expected to begin on January 11, wherein a notable percentage of students are anticipated will not enroll due to the disallowance of promissory notes and overpriced laboratory fees.

Read the letter:

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