Transwoman stude condemns HAU-OSA discrimination; misgendered, reprimanded over haircut

Marga Ocampo, a School of Hospitality and Tourism Management (SHTM) student, denounces the discrimination that she experienced at Holy Angel University’s (HAU) Office of Student Affairs (OSA) after she was reprimanded over “haircut” policies and was misgendered on Friday, October 6.

Ocampo confirmed the OSA officer to be Mr. Melvin Layon, the office’s Safety and Discipline Coordinator.

In an interview with The Angelite, Ocampo mentioned that the discrimination she faced from Mr. Layon is something that is “emotionally 


“As a part of the LGBTQIA+ community, being discriminated [against] has a huge impact on me, especially emotionally. It makes me [feel] sad and I keep asking myself, why do I need to experience this? Did I do something wrong? Why [can’t they] accept me? Why didn’t I become a real woman?”, said Ocampo.

She likewise shared her message against gender discrimination.

“It is important to address and combat discrimination in order to promote a fair and inclusive society for all. [Everyone] here in this world deserves equality, because we are all equal no matter what gender you are,” she stated.

In earlier statements posted by the HAU-University Student Council (HAU-USC) and Bahaghari HAU, they condemned the discriminatory act made by the OSA under Mr. Layon. Ocampo, in turn, shares her gratitude for the support of the said institutions.

“Naging mas matatag at matapang ako because of them. To all [Angelites] who supported me in this battle, thank [you], …especially [HAU-USC] and BAHAGHARI HAU,” Ocampo mentioned.

As of date, Ocampo confirmed that she has not yet received any message or apology from the OSA or the school administration.

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