#AnggeOnFilms: Kapelikula’s Kapampangan Marvels

#AnggeOnFilms: Kapelikula’s Kapampangan Marvels

With entries to the most recent Metro Manila Film Festival season garnering wide acclaim and even wider audiences flocking to the theaters, it is clear that the call for more Filipino films is fiercely and passionately supported – and among Kapampangans, the love for such artistry grows more when brave steps are taken in creating and showcasing the craft captured by the camera.

Last January 20, Singku – a fan-favorite café among Angelites – hosted a film showcase aptly named “Kapelikula”. With free admission to a movie night spent under the stars at the coffee shop’s rooftop, seven short films by Kapampangan film makers were presented alongside a talkback session with each of their directors. College requirements, personal anecdotes, and experimental features were proudly put on display, each with their own unique tones and themes for anyone’s tastes – including The Angelite’s.

In no particular order, here are the Top 3 selects that became the team’s favorite films of the night:

1. WHAT’S AFTER DEATH by Jaydee Alberto (2022)

A uniquely comedic and quite heartwarming twist on the zombie apocalypse genre, What’s After Death focuses on two childhood best friends making the most out of a grim room and an even grimmer situation when one of them gets bitten by a “flesh-eater”. The film shines in a lot of areas production-wise with every aspect being meticulously cared for – from the set design down to the costuming. But outside of high-quality filmmaking, the execution is what solidified the film as an impactful hit. The tonal switches from hilarity to dread greatly complement the well-written and acted bond of the two main characters – making for a film that will bring both tons of chuckles between you and your friends and also newfound appreciation for the friendship you share.

2. SANGKAN by Morissey Hans (2020)

This is one of the more experimental watches of the night as the shots never waver from the main character’s face. A 7-minute feature with sparse dialogue, the film follows a man going through the motions and emotions of a work day – namely detachment, frustration, and disappointment. Though little is known about the man and his history, this does not detract from making the film a wholly intriguing watch that evokes both dread and sympathy for the main character as he slowly but surely reaches his emotional limits. Overall, SANGKAN is one of the more unconventionally fascinating short films out there.

3. HAPPY ENDING by Kristelle Tapang (2022)

With a title referencing massage joints with…benefits…, this short film revolves around the midnight adventures of Prince and his two friends as they search for Prince’s stepdad who supposedly spends the wee hours of morning at “spakols”. In all honesty, this film is one of the most fun watches of the night as the trio’s charismatic banter and crazed antics – especially those involving eggs – had the entire rooftop heartily laughing alongside them. The cast’s chemistry also shines in the film’s more emotional moments, particularly during the aftermath of Prince finding out the truth about his step-father. All in all, this tribute to friendship – as described by director Kristelle Tapang – is one that many will find both greatly enjoyable and endearing.

Though those are our favorites, all of Kapelikula’s marvels – namely, Prym Cabral’s Kung Alam Ko Lang Ang Pangalan Ng Aking Pighati (2023), Jiro Garbes’ Basketbolero (2021), Chic Mirano’s Mga Boses Sa Pader (2021), and Jasper Ramon’s Sa Ating Simula (2019) – were truly joys to witness and we send our warm congratulations to the teams for brilliant shows of creativity.  

Truly, the love for the craft is fervently growing and Singku’s Kapelikula is just one of the many celebrations of Kapampangan film making to come.

As for us at the A-Team, we cannot wait to see what else is in store for Kapampangan artistry.

Written by Izzy Daguay
Layout by Lana Erin

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