Francis Nikko “Nyx” Nasal – an Angelite famed for his prowess in the field of performing arts – breaks new ground with the official release of his own rendition of SUD’s ‘Sila’ on all streaming platforms on Tuesday, January 12, 2024.

The BA Communication alumnus is accompanied by new Original Pilipino Music (OPM) artists Paham, Denin Sy, Lee Noynoy, and Ela Figura in Off The Record’s latest EP titled “Fresh OPM Finds Mixtape 1” where their works, including Nasal’s more modern take on the iconic 2015 ballad, were featured.

“We tried our best to think of a better way on how to reintroduce a well-known song to the new generation and also considering my strengths as an artist. Since Sila by SUD is an acoustic slow-jazz [song], might as well flip the coin and stay true to my core which is pop-R&B,” said Nasal when asked about the behind-the-scenes on the reimagined track.

At the helm of recording, arranging, and mixing the cover single is its head producer, Kiko Guevarra – a former member of Pinoy Rock Band True Faith. Collaborating with Nasal, familiar acoustic guitars and saxophones were replaced with obvious hi-hats patterns and recurring piano rhythms  – allowing Nasal’s smooth vocal layers and R&B-esque vocal runs to glide throughout the track.

Not only did Nasal’s rendition become an instant feature in Spotify’s curated playlists such as Fresh Finds Philippines and New Music Friday Philippines, it also amassed 2,000 streams in under three days. As of writing, the track stands at around 4,700 streams.

The young artist’s debut is also headlined in the single’s accompanying music video posted on Off The Record’s YouTube channel with Nasal both starring in and providing the video footage – which also features the streets and sights of Angeles at night.

Since then, he has been featured and interviewed by local and national media outlets – namely, CLTV36 and Rank Magazine.

Though monumental, this venture is not Nyx’s first time in the spotlight. As a trainee of the Center of Pop Music Philippines, he has long since achieved success in his singing career – be it in university-wide singing competitions or in national televised contests such as It’s Showtime’s Tawag ng Tanghalan Online and TV5’s Sing Galing.

Most notably, the singer bears the pride of being among the Philippines’ 60 delegates to the 25th World Championship of Performing Arts (WCOPA) held on July 21 to July 31, 2022 at Anaheim, California, USA. Nasal’s bronze wins in the Senior Solo Vocals and Group Production Categories were among the 265 medals brought home by the Filipino team.

Since his graduation from Holy Angel University last 2023, he has set his eyes towards greater leaps in the performing arts and music industry.

“At the moment I’m focus[ing] on promoting Sila and celebrating this amazing win,” said the Comm graduate. “Hopefully i can work more on releasing music and maybe people we be excited for me to release my originals.”

Written by Izzy Daguay
Layout by Yuan Simbulan

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