New USC senator assumes office

New USC senator assumes office


The Holy Angel University – University Student Council (HAU-USC) has appointed Genesis Nathaniel Magat as a senator for the School of Business and Accountancy (SBA), following the conclusion of the term of Jade Cuenco, effective on Monday, December 4, 2023.


In the press release posted by HAU-USC last December 8, they mentioned that Cuenco “has stepped down from his position as he graduates.”


Cuenco was the council’s Finance and Resource Management Committee (COFIRM) Director.


In view of the vacancy, HAU-USC appointed Magat as he placed fourth in the electoral race for SBA senators back on April 25.


“Consequently, Mr. Genesis Magat, the next candidate with the most votes, is appointed to fill the position,” HAU-USC mentioned in their press release.


In an interview with The Angelite, Magat said that in his term, he will be “promoting transparency and building trust to the whole Angelite community.”


“As a USC Senator, what I can do is to keep the student body informed about any changes, updates, or accommodations being made regarding enrollment, semester start dates, and other relevant issues,” Magat added when asked what will be his commitments as a USC senator.


“With this, it is very important to create avenues for the students to express their concerns openly and without fear of judgment.”


HAU-USC President Shejanira Arcilla likewise shared her confidence with Magat’s tenure.


“Mr. Magat was our [College Student Council-School of Business and Accountancy (CSC-SBA)] Councilor last school year and I’ve seen him work, so I am confident that he will be able to fulfill his duties well,” she said.


“I think we will be expecting more external partners as Mr. Magat’s specialities is with external communication, and finance as well,” added Arcilla.


Similarly, Cuenco relayed his message to Magat as he takes on the senatorial position.


“Now that he is given another opportunity to serve the student body, I pray in all genuineness that may he embody what is expected of him—to have compassion, and heed to the needs of our Angelites,” Cuenco provided.


Aside from being a senator for the SBA, Magat will concurrently head COFIRM as Associate Director, now under the directorship of School of Computing (SOC) Senator Charles Lansang.


Magat previously served as a CSC-SBA councilor during the academic year 2022-2023. He was also part of the I Volunteer for Youth (IVY) League, under the Office of the Vice President-External of HAU-USC, this school year prior to his appointment.


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