Puto Bumbong 2023 Release

This Christmas, delve into the intellectual presents found in the holiday special release of this years’ Puto Bumbong from us here at The Angelite. Discover a realm of thoughts, perspectives, and creative expressions that encapsulate the spirit of the Angelite community.
As you turn the pages, you will discover different tales that truly embody what this season is all about. These stories highlight the importance of having a moment to reflect, reconnect, reconcile, and take responsibility for understanding the challenges faced by the people in our society today.
Hence, this year’s edition of Puto Bumbong encourages us to celebrate Christmas in a way that truly reflects its core values.
May this time of the year motivate us to become the beacon of hope for all. Here’s to a militant year ahead adorned with love and filled with endless possibilities. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Caption by: Lady Jeofele Castañeto
Layout by: Winston Adam Lejarde
Pubmat by: Yuan Simbulan

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