It has come to our attention one particular incident involving the College Student Council-School of Business and Accountancy (CSC-SBA) using the latest newsletter releases of The Angelite as scrap materials in their props making.

The Angelite strongly condemns this action. As  the official student publication of the university, we assert that the above action undermines the very core of campus journalism and the freedom of the press at large.

Not only are resources, coming from the collective effort of both the student body and the journalists behind the creation of these releases, wasted, but even the purpose of enlightening the studentry and the masses is demeaned by these irresponsible actions.

We emphatically caution all, particularly those colleges yet to commemorate their college days, against utilizing our publications, especially the latest newsletters, for their prop-making needs. These resources, despite being limited, are designated for every Angelite from different colleges and are meticulously tailored to empower them with indispensable information vital to their well-being and right to information.

Hence, we urge all student leaders to abstain from appropriating crucial resources meant for the betterment of the student body for their personal gain. Rather, unite with us in our unwavering quest for truth and honesty within and for the Angelite community.

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