5th year studs grow concerned over inability to enroll

With only a week left before the first day of instruction, concerns grow among fifth-year graduating students from the School of Engineering and Architecture (SEA) due to their inability to enroll as no subjects are being offered yet for their year level.

“Maagang hiningi sa’min ang mga IPOS namin at agad din naman namin binigay para agad ma-open mga subjects…” stated by our source who requested to have his identity hidden.

He furthered that yesterday being the final date of enrollment, they still haven’t received any updates with regard to their subjects.
He expressed fear that there’s a possibility that they will not be able to enroll and graduate on time.

Meanwhile, the Office of Students Affairs advised the concerned students to follow protocol by submitting a letter to their school dean to have these issues addressed.

Concerns were already raised to the University Student Council through the HAU SPEAK NOW alliance, actions are currently being taken to address the said issue.

This is a developing story.

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