On enrollment: ‘HAU is known for not denying the students’ —Tantingco

Following the School of Business and Accountancy (SBA) consultative meeting, the admin once again held a Zoom video conference with representatives from the School of Engineering and Architecture (SEA) student council, publication, also attended by the University Student Council, and The Angelite. One of the concerns addressed was the early enrollment and miscellaneous fees deduction, college-based issues were also highlighted; extended payment for the summer classes, thesis program, curriculum track, and the blended mode of learning.

“Pag sinabi ng CHED na open na for enrollment, we will give the parents enough time to raise money before enrollment. Kung wala pa rin, pwedeng kumausap sa finance. HAU is known for not denying the students”, said Mr. Robby Tantingco, Vice President for Student Affairs and Services.

For this meeting, the administration stated that there will be a deduction on miscellaneous fees particularly medical dental fee, student activities fee, athletic fee, and guidance counseling fee.

However, it was not stated in the meeting, how much will be deducted from the fees. The administration assured however that despite the deductions, the dental clinic and guidance office will remain open. Tantingco also stated that the finance office is open for installment mode of payment, and/or extension payment considering the rules of the Enhanced Community Quarantine.

“According to the President, we will abide on the calendar. The actual opening will be 30 days after lifting. Opening can still be online or blended”, said Ms. Edna Marizza Santos, Assistant Academic Vice President, when asked about the opening of the classes if the ECQ will not be lifted this May 15.

SEA issues

“We will modify our thesis program, whatever is applicable to the students. Due to enhanced community quarantine, the data gathering is limited but the department will give a modified program in such a way it caters students”, said Dr. Filipina De Guzman, Dean of School of Engineering and Architecture when asked about the wide scope of locations required for the thesis program of engineering subjects.

The Solution, the official College Student Publication of the School of Engineering and Architecture, raised a concern on how to lighten the difficulty of engineering subjects. As a response Dean De Guzman stated that there will be an intervention program for those who fall short. She also added that the SEA department will provide make-up and tutorial classes for the students.

There will be a scheduled meeting via zoom video conference tomorrow at 10:00 AM with the School of Computing, being the third department after SBA and SEA.

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