Clark Hills Corp insists on land grabbing plans despite document irregularities 

Despite the irregularities of documents presented, Clark Hills Properties Corporation insisted on their demolition plan today, September 14, with the police forces assisting them. This was greeted by a barricade from the affected families of Purok 1, Barangay Anunas, Angeles City.

According to Anunas Barangay Captain Otto Flores, their negotiations ended when the private entity failed to show a signed comprehensive map of the land that they were grabbing. 

“Itang pepalto dang blueprint, ala yang pirma. Eda balu nanung buri dang kunan [The blueprint that they showed us has no corresponding signature from an Engineer. They were unsure of the land they would seize],” says the Barangay Captain.

Captain Flores also added that no resolution came from the negotiation and that Clark Hills insisted with their plans as they began to put fences on private lots supposedly owned by residents of Brgy. Anunas. 

This is a developing story.


News by McGiorge David
Photos by Brandon Nicolas


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