SBA reigns supreme in Matenakan 2023

Holy Angel University’s University Student Council (HAU-USC) crowned the School of Business and Accountancy as the overall champion of MATENAKAN hosted on-campus on September 14, 2023.
Five (5) contests were held for the third iteration of HAU-USC’S Youth Advocates Week: KORO (Agumang Pamagbigkas King Amanu – Speech Choir Competition), SIGLA (Casampatan Ning Musika – Singing Competition), INDAC (Pamisasametung De Ring Mabasa – Cultural Dance Competition), GULIS (Alaya Ning Obrang Kapampangan – Poster Making Competition), and AMLAT (Pamagbalik para king Masalang Paintulungan).
Winning performers and artists were awarded in the Immaculate Heart Gymnasium, with Tibuan Ning Daung (SBA) garnering the title of overall champion with 4 major awards.
The first and second runner-up places belonged to Tibuan Ning Dukit (School of Engineering and Architecture) and Tibuan Ning
Gawang Pande (Basic Education Department) respectively.
The complete list of MATENAKAN 2023 awardees in all competitions can be seen in the photos below.
Following the theme MATENAKAN: Pamanuli King Indung Sisuan (MATENAKAN: Homecoming to the Mother we Grew From), HAU-USC’s Youth Advocate and Development’s Week is the first to be held on-campus in the last 3 years since the COVID-19 pandemic.
News by Izzy Daguay

Photos by Brandon Nicolas

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