Activism is not terrorism

EDITORIAL: Activism is not terrorism


Holy Angel University (HAU) seemingly veered off from its principled path and contradicted its anti-red-tagging stance by inadvertently granting entry to the very architects of red-tagging. Hence, the institution conveniently abandons its commitment for societal responsibility, becoming a tool for state authorities to suppress activism.


It’s a shame to witness educational institutions like HAU welcome the black propaganda spread by the fascist state and sow falsehoods in the fertile minds of our youth. All while behind their facade, they suppress progressive movements that strive solely to foster political consciousness.


Much like journalism, activism stands as an unstoppable force, magnifying the people’s struggle from the streets to the highest echelons of the government. It fuels the cries of the masses and propels the battle against oppression and societal injustices with unwavering vigor. 


On the other hand, the police and military—who are meant to protect—instead terrorize and harm the Filipino people, all while wrongly branding activists as terrorists, when they themselves are the true purveyors of terror among the masses.


As activists are silenced through violence and disappearances, state forces operate without restraint, perpetuating fear among those who oppose their impunity. While hardworking Filipinos fund them through their taxes, their focus remains on concealing the crimes of our government against its people. 


This is evident in the seminar jointly organized by HAU and Philippine National Police Region 3 (PRO3), where activists were branded as terrorists during a talk on cybercrime and anti-drug laws. The speaker, brought in by state forces, emphasized that government criticism is one stage towards being a terrorist. 


The real terrors within our society are those who promote falsehoods and violence to further their self-centered agendas, not those who boldly resist and champion what is just. Consequently, the demonization of checks and balances reveals the state forces’ fear of being held accountable, leading them to suppress those who dare to expose their wrongdoing. 


As an educational institution, HAU bears the responsibility of being accountable in its part of being a tool in the deceptive machinery of our state. 


To fulfill its mission of nurturing socially responsible students, HAU must recognize that activism is not terrorism. Hence, it should empower the youth as agents of change, encouraging them to stand up for justice and become proactive citizens demanding social equity.



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