Amidst the continuously evolving landscape of our society, there stands the perils of these advancements—such include the growing presence of Artificial Intelligence (AI).


Especially as student journalists, our work for truthful journalism is at the frontline of the threat of being ceased and diluted given the rise of the mentioned.


Yet, as much as the power of AI prevails to be threatening, we hold the immense power to use it in our advantage, as well as build a network of student journalists for the responsible use of such.


As part of our pursuit to innovate campus journalism in the midst of the presence of such technological advancements, The Angelite proudly introduces the University Press Conference (UPC) 2024, with the theme, “Purveyors of Truth: Pioneering Truthful Campus Journalism Amidst AI Advances.”


In this two-day journalism competition among Holy Angel University (HAU) college publications, this year’s UPC aims to recognize the valuable role of student journalists in shaping a more truthful student journalism that works responsibly with and against AI advances.


See you on February 21-22, Angelites!

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