51 years of Martial Law. 51 years of never forgetting.

Fifty-one years have passed since Ferdinand Emmanuel Edralin Marcos Sr. signed Martial Law into what would forever be remembered as one of Philippine history’s darkest moments.

Fifty-one years to never forget the souls that perished due to the tyrannical hands of Marcos Sr. Still, when billions-worth of machinations of misinformation are at work, even presidential regimes can become inherited.

As we commemorate its 51st anniversary, let us recognize that history has no alternatives—it is not up for revisions. Especially since the Marcos political clan remains seated in power, now more than ever, with the election of BBM as the president, the fight for justice for the 70,000 Filipinos imprisoned, 34,000 tortured, and 3,300 deaths remains a war that needs to be won.

The Angelite—as a beacon of justice, truth, and freedom of speech—will continue to commemorate and fight for the youth and the masses who have lost sight of their future due to the fascist state.



Written by Nikkson Cayanan
Art by Yuan Simbulan

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