CSC-SEA’s Aguman tradition exaggerates sexist views on women — Bahaghari-HAU

Bahaghari-Holy Angel University (HAU) condemns the Aguman tradition of HAU College Student Council – School of Engineering and Architecture (CSC-SEA) in a statement posted in their Facebook page yesterday, October 30. 


“…[CSC-SEA] are missing the intended purpose of [Aguman Sanduk] considering they allow entries that incorporate sexual allusions. It also serves as a mockery of femininity as it exaggerates sexist views on women,” says the organization. 


They also stressed that Aguman Sanduk’s original purpose was to celebrate and remember Minalin’s victory over hunger, and that humor should not come at the cost of someone’s gender expression and identity.


Further, they added that the said event “speaks volumes on what culture the university wants to cultivate, as it prioritizes the approval of such events” given the university’s disapproval of events like Pride Month commemoration. 


More so, the group emphasized their willingness to engage in consultations towards gender-inclusive events in an interview with The Angelite. 


“We encourage and support their pursuits if they wish to create new events that may become their own traditions. Events that are sensible and rooted in building a sense of community,” Bahaghari-HAU exclaimed.


As of writing, the CSC-SEA has not yet provided a response to the publication’s inquiry last October 26 regarding their motivation for proceeding with the event.

News by McGiorge David

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