Day 200

Today marks the 200th day of the Philippines under the government-imposed quarantine. With almost 312k positive cases, the Duterte administration is yet to lay out concrete medical solutions to combat the virus. However, the pandemic did not hinder the intensifying impunity, corruption, and even state-terrorism in our country.

The government’s failed COVID-19 response has reduced the lives of actual victims into mere statistics. As we hold the title of the “longest lockdown in the world”, the patience of the Filipino masses is growing thin, the hunger for competence and compassion in these grueling times is becoming insatiable.

From the hasty passage of the Anti-terrorism bill to the P389-million Manila Bay budget, it is crystal clear that the government has a misplaced priority. Even so, the relentless fight for free mass testing, systematic contract tracing, compensation, and protection to all front liners, and transparency continues.


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