“Diktador Noon, Parasitiko Ngayon!” OUT NOW!

The Angelite proudly presents its first ever zine for this year’s Martial Law Commemoration, entitled, “Diktador Noon, Parasitiko Ngayon!”

This zine features art and comics portraying the atrocities, malfeasances, and injustices perpetrated by Marcos Sr. at the time of his so-called “Golden Era” during Martial Law. Likewise, it unravels the nightmare that is being revived today under the hands of his equally revolting son, BBM. Now similar to before, the previous acts of inhumanity, lifestyles of lavishness, and displays of apathy are continued unabashedly, blatantly dismissing the calls and needs of the people.

On the 51st anniversary of Martial Law, we continue to keep our eyes open to the truth of both the past and the present. Though nearing the commemoration month’s end, may we continuously remember and fight against the atrocities of Martial Law beyond this month. Now more than ever, we remain cognizant, critical, and mobile, continually renouncing the sins of both the father and the son.

Written by Jennell Lee Jr.

Layout by Lana Erin Ramos

Cover Art by Hedy Hazelene Pico

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