EDITORIAL: USC and its delayed actions

The Holy Angel University-University Student Council (HAU-USC), the highest governing student body at the university, is entrusted with the responsibility to proactively champion the needs and attend to the grievances of the studentry to the administration.


Yet, in the face of challenging situations marked by anti-student policies being implemented, particularly with the nearing enrollment and second semester schedules, the very office that the students expect to proactively fight for their rights is taking action only at this moment—days from the official start of the enrollment period. This response, delayed as a whole, manifests into an act of incompetence despite the demands of the current time.


To contextualize, HAU-USC President Shejanira Arcilla relayed that back on October 12, she met with members of the administration to talk about the enrollment and calendar policies of the university. Yet, the council’s senators confirmed that they were only notified about it on November 13, a month after the meeting, gravely contributing to the delayed response or action from the council.


Arcilla, however, provided that the council will be sending its formal petition to the higher-ups only within this week. Likewise, the council also started to propagate survey forms this week to students regarding their insights on the second semester’s schedule, and planned a meeting with the Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA) on Friday, November 24.


Yet, the actions mentioned are long overdue and should have been done way earlier, not when the enrollment period is about to commence a few days from now.


Likewise, despite the meeting happening on October 12 and other necessary updates that the studentry should have known, HAU-USC instead acted in silence, which is contrary to what is expected of them to uphold transparency in their actions.


As a public office, it is expected of them to maintain the utmost transparency by constantly informing the student body about policies and meetings that will affect them.


Rather than furnishing the Angelite community with clear and regular updates about their initiatives, USC, through Arcilla, simply mentioned that they “are diligently working behind the scenes.” Yet, this statement falls short of assuring that substantial efforts are being accomplished for the benefit of the student body.


These delayed actions from HAU-USC, including its lack of transparency, are nowhere near the premises of proactive leadership. Instead, HAU-USC falters in its sworn commitment to put the Angelite student body’s needs above anything else—with no delays, and with immediate solutions.


If the current term of the HAU-USC truly upholds its electoral mantra of “#AngelitesFirst,” it must recognize that timely and transparent actions are important in their duty to serve and put first the Angelite student body.


To serve the Angelite community means addressing student concerns without unnecessary delays and taking swift and proactive measures. Only then can the HAU-USC realistically stand as a dedicated advocate for the welfare of Angelites, and a vanguard for a real, accessible, and quality education attained by the whole student body.


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