HAU Valiant Esports surges ‘til finale, ranks 2nd

Though unsuccessful to grab the title, the slot and experience during the finale are Valiant Archangels’ huge take-aways.

After destroying other teams from big-time Universities which catapulted them to the grand finals, the Holy Angel University Valiant Esports “Archangels” fell short against the University of Santo Tomas Teletigers Esports Club (0-3) in a best-of-five League of Legends (LoL) game during the Predator Alliance League Summer 2020 held September 19, Saturday via live stream.

HAU Archangels’ roster includes Parzival (Middle lane), Redplank (Top lane), Corg1 (Jungler), Kinzonn (AD Carry), and Kaidanne (Support). They are the official representatives of HAU on the said event.

HAU Archangels were dominating during the earlier rounds and play-offs of the tourney, being able to pulverize other universities including the De Lasalle University Viridis Arcus Esport, University of the Philippines Diliman Oblation Esports, University of San Carlos “Warriors”, and the Mapua University “Mages”. 

Parzival’s fast-hand skills seen on his clutch plays as Sylas, Veigar, and Cassiopeia on the mid-lane were capped through the match, while Kinzonn’s moves with the champions Xayah ( which was constantly banned due to the fact that other teams respect Kinzonn’s ‘feather storming’ Xayah prowess) and Tristana were also put into the spotlight, and helped them climb the ladder towards the Grand Finals.  Redplank’s, Corg1’s, and Kaidanne’s stellarly performance also played a huge role for the team to soar high until the final event.

According to Kinzonn during an interview on the tactics and strategies they have to utilize along the way, communication is a significant part of the process, “We are confident with our individual skills and we use that knowledge to transition into teamwork. Communication is also an important role in League of Legends in which we also practice effectively,” he said.

With the prelim examination, Kinzonn added that they were not able to undergo intensive training as studying remains as the main priority.

After their loss versus UST Teletigers, the HAU Archangels still grabs the 2nd spot of the rankings, which can be considered as a breakthrough in HAU’s Esports league. This achievement can serve as HAU Valiants’ cue towards more collegiate e-tilts.

“Majority of our players are rookies and I think the pressure alone affected their gameplay during the Grand Finals. We also had a few miscommunications during the game which is kind of a bummer. Despite losing, we still did our best and we are still satisfied for making it into the finals”, Kinzonn said.

Open for recruits

The team is still open for other recruits (from Senior High School to College), as they will organize tryouts for those interested in competing with the said Online game.

“Changing the team lineup every split is always a possibility when they are able to discover new talents and raw skills from other Angelites”, Kinzonn clarified.

The Valiant Archangels proved that even though they are up against teams from huge universities, the pride of HAU can still shine their light up until the finale. According to the team, they will continue participating in more collegiate esports tilts and their utmost goal remains intact – to become the best campus esports team.

The Valiant Archangels will again clash on the Summoners Rift, as another split related to the same event organized by AcadArena will kick-off from October until December this year.


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