LITERARY: The Ballad of Marcos Jr. and Forrest Gump

A Mama’s boy 

with a filthy heart,

feeding the monster 

with everybody’s parts.


Living the dream 

while the masses slave

with all their might,

why run their minds

if you can’t touch their hearts?


Spilling chocolate words 

while burning 

through their box houses;

how could you know what love is,

when all you do is run

from promises you can’t keep?


With all hopes shattered,

lives tethered to poverty

while poor Jenny

cries herself to death,

you live your life

as if everything’s

fine and keen.


Your dogmas deciding 

amongst crossroads

for your populist peers,

while cleaning

your family name

across the books

you wished to be unseen. 


Singing the same note

of an identical monstrous tune,

how can you run 

with your eyes closed

while ignoring their ghosts? 


Written by McGiorge David

Artwork by Ruu



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