SNAMS celebrate Swiftie-themed College Days

The School of Nursing and Allied Medical Sciences (SNAMS) celebrated their annual college days with the theme “The Era’s Tour: SNAMS’ Version” as they took the center stage last Thursday and Friday.
The phoenixes joined different events, spanning from quiz bee competitions to singing, poster making, dance performances, basketball and volleyball matches, and one of their highlights, the Mr. and Ms. SNAMS pageant titled “Bejeweled Brilliance: Crowning Scintillating Diamonds of the Evening.”
On the other hand, their culminating concert event was canceled due to a high number of students wanting refunds on their ticket purchases as their main artist, Taylor Sheesh, was unavailable.
Despite the cancellation, booths of various foods and refreshments fueled the festivity during the two-day event, which was also co-presented by SMART and The Street Studios.
Written by Iza Tinsay
Photos by Brandon Nicolas

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