COLLEGE DAYS 2022: School of Arts and Sciences

Flocks of white, red, yellow, and black held up balloons, flags, and banners as Holy Angel University’s communication and psychology majors commenced the first day of the School of Arts and Sciences’ (SAS) Fiestala Agila: Parade of the Aces.

Following a march circling HAU’s Chapel of the Holy Guardian Angel, SAS’ Acrobats, Jesters, Ventriloquists, and Ringmasters gathered inside the Immaculate Heart Gymnasium at 8:30 AM. Each house had its excitement on full display as they went head-to-head in showcasing their cheers and chants.

After the hosts officially opened the first face-to-face SAS Days Event in two years since the pandemic, the ball games preliminaries were held. Volleyball and basketball players dominated their courts in the Circus Spikes: The Volley Show Master and Fairground Momentum: Arena of the Agiles events in the campus’ covered court while dodgeball representatives held competitive grins and deft moves in the Ring of Fire: Battle of the Cagers event held inside the Immaculate Heart Gymnasium.

The ball games finals will take place tomorrow, October 14, from 10 AM to 5 PM. These events are to be followed by the very much-awaited singing and group dance competitions to be held inside the Immaculate Heart Gymnasium.
Champions of each of the houses will follow soon thereafter.

Written by Izzy Daguay

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