CE students face resource shortage, enrollment delays

Civil Engineering (CE) students from the School of Engineering and Architecture (SEA) are facing a shortage of educational materials for their summer classes, as well as delays in the enrollment process for the 2023-2024 Academic Year’s summer term.

In an interview with The Angelite, Adonis Cayanan, the Vice President for Academic Affairs of the Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers – Holy Angel University Student Chapter (PICE – HAUSC), said that through a conducted poll in the 2nd and 3rd year level group chats, they have garnered concerns from the students of their program.

“…It has come to our attention that students are experiencing a lack of course shells in Canvas and a shortage of meeting links, leading to disorganization in the summer classes,” Cayanan stated.

More so, Cayanan has also confirmed that the procedure for inputting enrolled students into their respective classes remains to be “underway”. 

“Therefore, students are advised to await updates from their professors regarding the details of their respective classes,” Cayanan said.

Dr. Jaypee Pajarillaga, the dean of the SEA department, stated in an interview with The Angelite that their office is actively working to accommodate students who enroll late for summer classes.

“As of [Friday, May 03, 2024], we are still in the process of accommodating late enrollees, and in effect some course shells haven’t been reflected in faculty and student portal accounts yet,” Dr. Pajarillaga stated.

Moreover, he also mentioned that SEA’s regular summer classes consist of only on-the-job training (OJT) courses. However, with requested subjects other than the said courses, Dr. Pajarillaga provided instructions on the procedural process.

“For any other requested subjects other than OJT, there’s a procedural process: students make requests, sign undertakings, assess tuition fees for the requested subject, request overload units (for subjects that exceed 3 units) for other year levels, and final approval from the VPAA is required to open the subject,” Dr. Pajarillaga instructed. 

“We are actively working to expedite this process,” He added. 

For the SEA department, the enrollment period for special courses started last May 1 as per the announcement of the College Student Council (CSC) – SEA via their Facebook page.

Students paying for unavailable classes

According to Cayanan, they have received concerns from a number of students regarding paying for courses unavailable for summer classes. 

“Additionally, we have received concerns from students who have paid for specific courses but have not been able to access them for summer classes,” Cayanan stated.

Furthermore, Cayanan assured that they are working and communicating with the CSC-SEA, Finance Office, and admins to address this matter. 

“With these issues in mind, rest assured that we are actively engaged in communication with our fellow students, utilizing year-level group chats, and liaising with finance, admins, and CSC,” Cayanan assured.

However, Dr. Pajarillaga has yet to provide an answer regarding this matter.

HAU officially started summer classes for the concurrent academic year on May 2 and will end on June 14—12 days before the 1st semester of the new academic year kickstarts. 


This is a developing story.


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