HAU-USC prexy’s delayed updates hinder council’s action for enrollment appeal

Holy Angel University – University Student Council (HAU-USC) Senator Emmanuel Manalastas revealed in an interview yesterday that they learned of the October 12 admin meeting with HAU-USC President Shejanira Arcilla discussing enrollment concerns only on November 13.


This comes a month after the said meeting and with only 14 days left before the enrollment period for the 2nd semester. 


“We were informed on November 13 that President Arcilla was casually invited for a meeting with school administrators when she raised concerns regarding the enrollment schedule last October 12,” says Manalastas.


Additionally, HAU-USC senators Gabriel Oraye and Adonis Cayanan echoed Manalastas’ confirmation in another  interview with them yesterday, expressing their concerns due to the delayed actions.


“The updates provided to the senators were not sufficiently fast or up-to-date, hindering the prompt creation of necessary actions. Furthermore, updates from the higher-ups were also delayed, contributing to postponed tasks,” the two senators said.


No formal appeal yet


On the other hand, Arcilla clarified yesterday that the council’s formal appeal will be submitted sometime this week, without specifying the exact date.


“This week, we will be submitting our formal appeal and recommendations to the VPAA, and we will be in close coordination with the registrar to address enrollment concerns,” said Arcilla.


As of writing, there are only seven days left before the commencement of the 2nd semester enrollment on November 28. 


News by McGiorge David 




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