Philippines in favor of condemning Israel’s occupation, genocide over Palestine

The Philippines voted in favor in the United Nations (UN) General Assembly that magnified Israel’s settlements and attacks in Palestine, including East Jerusalem and the occupied Syrian Golan to be “illegal and an obstacle to peace”—in a plebiscite that concluded last November 9. 



As of writing, Israel’s genocide over Palestine further continues as Israeli forces surround North Gaza Hospitals, where tanks were seen outside the Rantisi Children’s Hospital in Gaza last November 10, Friday.


More so, gunshots and explosions were heard and perceived outside Gaza City hospitals.



The Hamas-run health ministry has recorded 11,078 people killed since Israel’s attack on Palestine and 27,000 people were left injured as of November 10.


Furthermore, the Red Cross has alerted that Gaza hospitals had “reached a point of no return”—where the organization’s delivering staff witnessed “horrendous” scenes and depicted the devastation “unbearable”.


News by Khayla David
Layout by Winston Adam Lejarde

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