LITERARY :Glossary of Terms in February

Ash Wednesday. Amateur hour. Boyfriends on sweltering highways. Boyfriends in blues and grays. Carnations on the catwalk. Crowds, endless crowds. Crosses in their foreheads. Drowning in anticipated drought. Earrings, emerald, 1 pair, 14k gold, 75 pesos. Fake Ferrero Rochers. Flew from Toronto to home. February, I’m in love. Gifts below fifty pesos. Graffitis spitting on 


jeepney phaseout. Gabriel García Márquez. Happy Go Shopping Center. Holding hands. Holding hands, so people stare. Homophobia. I don’t care. I love you. I love you so much, let’s run away. I love you so much, let’s get married. I love you so much, I’m sorry my sweldo’s only to come tomorrow. J word. KL Chicken Wings, my apologies to abstinence. Limp sunflower stems. 


Lingering. Lee Jaehyun, happy birthday. Marisol jeeps on McArthur highway. More hugs, please. Maen ka na ba? Never gonna sleep late again. Never gonna love again. Nothing really matters but it matters if it matters to you. Overpriced everything. OA quarreling. Ozone depleting. Public displays of affection. Paper-thin wallets. Promises, kept, said, padlock 


tapon susi. Quo Vadis? Queer lovers. Queer guilt. Queer lovers forced to become friends. Rush by Troye Sivan. Rouge liquid lipsticks. Sweet nothings. Siomai rice dates. Sto. Rosario streets. San Fernando is your Sacramento. To each their own. Two hundred ninety-nine peso engagement ring. Tyranny. Usurp the tyranny. Use your own words, your own voice, your own poetry. 


Violins in the uptown restaurants. Violence on the Anunas tenants. Where is our deliverance? Where does all this take us? We live so we love, whatever that means. XOXO, Gossip Girl. X marks the spot where we played the part. X’s do not return. XS by Rina Sawayama. Yearning. Yuletide. You’re mine. Yuan; your name is all I can think of. Good night. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.



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