LITERARY SATURDAY: From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!

Two years ago, in the heart of Gaza, where over half of the population is under the age of 18, filmmakers asked its children a simple question: “What is your dream?”
Their responses were an echo of whispered desires and bold visions:
“I want to become a doctor,” they said, their eyes gleaming with the promise of healing.
“I dream of being a pilot, to soar through boundless skies,” their aspirations taking flight.
“To become an engineer, to build our homeland,” a commitment to a more solid future.
“I wish to be a princess, in a castle high above the clouds,” a whimsical escape from their harsh reality.
“To be free,” they longed for a world without the heavy burden of conflict.
“To halt the bombings, to end the devastation,” a cry for safety.
“To return to my grandfather’s old house,” a yearning for the embrace of cherished memories.
And then, amidst these dreams, one young soul, his cheeks tarnished with the dust of war, uttered a phrase that cut to the core of their collective longing: “to return home.”
When asked to explain his answer, he spoke from a place of deep sincerity, “Is there a bigger dream than returning home?”
Yet, the cruel reality persists— for most of these heartfelt dreams will remain buried beneath the unforgiving rubble, a stark testament to the relentless brutality and violence these innocent children endure, and the world’s silent indifference.
Short Story by Iza Tinsay

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