No institutionalized well-being break post-prelims; classes to continue — USC 


         University Student Council President Shejanira Arcilla confirmed on Monday the status of the well-being break (MHB) setup for the second semester, indicating that there will still be classes after the major examination week.

         In an interview with The Angelite, Arcilla stated that in their last meeting with the Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA), one of the topics discussed was the well-being break setup for the second semester.

         “A motion was appealed but the decision of the admins still stands,” said Arcilla. “The USC expressed sadness upon learning about this decision.”

         Likewise, different College Student Council (CSC)s Chairpersons also expressed their department’s instructions and revealed that they been receiving concerns from the students regarding the prelim period and the well-being break.

         With the responses collected, only College of Criminal Justice Education and Forensics Chairperson Stephanie Limpin stated that their department dean, Dr. Nino Kabiling, heard their appeal and is currently deciding on the schedule for MHB after midterm examination.

On the other hand, School of Business and Accountancy and School of Arts and Sciences chairpersons stated that their colleges are not granting well-being breaks for the whole semester, indicating that the setup of “rechecking only” is not applicable already and there was no soft schedule instructed regarding requirements’ submission dates, laboratory classes, revalida, and regular classes right after prelim week.

School of Education and School of Nursing and Allied Medical Sciences council heads also mentioned that although there were no official MHB for their departments, they have yet to receive concerns from the students as their administration gave light schedules and adjustments to deadlines and assignments following the prelim exams.

Meanwhile, the School of Engineering and Architecture, School of Computing, and School of Hospitality and Tourism Management Student Councils have not yet responded regarding their department’s status.

“We, of course, want the best for the Angelites, including providing time to recover from the exhausting week of the preliminary term,” stated President Arcilla.

The prelim period ended last January 27, while the midterm exams shall begin on March 4, a week after the University Days 2024.



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