The Year That Was

2019 is an eventful year for everyone. We witnessed various instances and survived calamities throughout the course of the year. However, 2020 is looking to be one of the most exhausting yet interesting year for the Gen Z’s.

1. Magnitude 6.1 Earthquake

Who could ever forget the dread we felt when the earth shook us last April 2019? The historical sites, churches, and the building it broke are still ongoing its restoration. One that we can never forget is the damage it caused to our beloved Holy Rosary Parish church who has not completely recovered yet. Most importantly, this is the natural phenomenon that took 16 lives after a prominent grocery story collapsed in Porac, Pampanga.

Indigenous people in Sitios located in Pampanga were also gravely affected as their homes were completely damaged. The walls of their home collapsed leaving them without shelter or proper evacuation centers.

Brave students from HAU came together to form LIPAD or Livelihood Initiative Project and Aeta Development to help the indigenous people in need. The Aeta network which consists of ROTARACT-HAU, The Angelite, various College Student Councils, and other publications collected goods that were donated to the victims of the earthquake.

2. 2019 Senatorial Election

Right after their release, three former senators who were involved in a pork barrel scam, namely Bong Revilla, Jinggoy Estrada, and Juan Ponce Enrile, immediately ran for a position in the Senate. With his budots TVC, Revilla was able to win back a place in the Philippine legislation. He was able to finish at the top 11 garnering 14, 624, 445 votes.

3. PH vs CHINA, at Sea

In hopes of feeding themselves and their families, 22 fishermen were rammed and left to float alone at sea by a Chinese fishing vessel. Duterte was adamant about this issue saying that this is just an isolated case failing to assert the country’s rights in the West Philippine Sea.

4. Amazon on Fire

The diverse rainforest of the world has been on fire for weeks (even months) and many countries came to their aid. The burning of the rainforest is said to be connected to a commercial establishment that wants to develop a portion of the rainforest and drive out various local tribes. To find out how important the rainforest is to the earth, please read our Environmental Issue!

5. Tala Nation

Sarah G proved herself to be the Pop Princess as her old bop Tala resurrected in the charts. Anywhere you go, you can either hear or see people dancing to Tala. The dance craze went on for several months. It can be heard anywhere to the point where we’re sure that we are nakalutang na sa langit ngunit nalulunod sa’yong mga ngiti.

6. SEA Games

If there is one thing this academic year is abundant of it’s the class suspensions. To give way to the anticipated traffic caused by the Southeast Asian Games, classes were suspended for a week just before the Holidays.

Who could ever forget the anomalies of this SEA Games? From the Kikiam to the accommodation, the international games met various hindrances, conflict, and possible corruption. Of course, may history never forget the 50 Million Pesos cauldron that is now stagnant and collecting dust at New Clark City.

7. Revilla is Back!

Revilla has been showered by blessings after his release from jail. He was re-elected in the Senate as well as receiving a new show from a media conglomerate. Seems like the Pork Barrel Scam served as a good exposure to the convicted Senator.

8. Eruption of the Sunken Volcano

The country was ill-prepared when the Taal volcano erupted and wiped out many barangays in Batangas. It is one of the most devastating calamities that ever struck the country because of the harmful effects of the ashes emitted from the volcano. Many had given support to the victims as their homes and livelihood were greatly affected by the sudden outburst.

This phenomena, however, has been expected by Filipino scientists whose calls for attention has been neglected by the government for so long.

9. Top 6!

Despite the tuition and other fees increase, ‘The Right School for You’ is in par with other well-known universities in the country as we ranked 6 at an article released by regarding the Top Universities in the Philippines.

10. The death of a Legend

After the breakup of a prominent love team in the country, the Sports Community lost one of its best players. Kobe Bryant, a legend in the basketball community, was involved in an airplane crash that killed him and eight people on board including his daughter Gianna Bryant.

In a generation that grew up playing basketball or just simply throwing trash in the trash can shouting “Kobe!,” his death has deeply affected thousands of people.

11. VFA No More

As of February 2020, the Visiting Forces Agreement between the Philippines and America has formally ended. United States President Donald Trump was supportive of the PH’s decision because according to him “We’ll save a lot of money.” However, the country’s agreement between China continues to strengthen. Oops.

12. Defend Press Freedom

Valentine’s Day is not sweet for media conglomerate ABS-CBN as journalists, and activists rally to defend their franchise. Solicitor General Jose Calida filed a quo warranto against the network to cancel its license for its violations.

During the Senate hearing, it was revealed that the media company did not violate any regulations but the quo warranto still stands.

Artists from the network have expressed their support to their company. The possible closure of the media franchise is a threat to press freedom in the country.


On its 6th year streak, HAU will once again have a Tuition and Other Fees Increase. Days after the consultation, the University Student Council released petition papers in hopes of decreasing or freezing the proposed increase. Prior to the petition paper, students participated in various protests against the proposed TOFI.

14. Philippines, Province of Another Country

As of March 10, 2020, the House of Representatives approved HB 78 allowing foreigners to 100% own companies that deal with the country’s power, transportation, and communications.

15. 7 out of 8 Departments

Formerly known as the College of Information and Communication Technology (CICT), the School of Computing (SoC) was officially promoted into a School this second semester of the academic year 2019-2020. The College of Criminal Justice Education and Forensic remains to be the only department at the College level.

16. #HAULalan2020

Although the election is a yearly event, what made this year exceptional is the heated come back of the SIBUL party after the wipeout of KAYABE the previous year.

17. COVID-19

Everyone is wearing a face mask these days because of the threat of COVID-19. A virus that originated from Wuhan, China has claimed hundreds of lives, as of writing. This virus has also caused the lockdown of the university from March 11-14, 2020. Various precautionary measures are being done to prevent it from spreading.

18. Anti-Terrorism Bill

What sounds liberating is actually a tighter chain against anyone who dares to speak ill to the government.


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