“I choked it, wrapped my arms around it until it stopped moving, and dragged it towards the bathroom” These are the words that crawled out of Lance Corporal Joseph Scott Pemberton’s mouth as he admitted his monstrous crime.

The Angelite, the official student publication of Holy Angel University, demands justice for Jennifer Laude who was murdered, a victim of a hate crime. Pemberton deserves to rot in Bilibid and there is absolutely no excuse for the crime that he has committed. The absolute pardon along with the continuous military exercises and the testing of war machinery on ancestral lands and all expenses shouldered by Filipino taxpayers shows that Duterte is nothing but a puppet of the Western imperialist superpower. History has proven ever since the time of Emilio Aguinaldo, Jose Laurel, Ferdinand Marcos and now Rodrigo Duterte, those in power will always choose to side with imperialists as long as they benefit from it.

Being one of the President’s discretionary power, the pardon is a suitcase of opportunity to further perpetuate injustice and impunity, allowing the criminals to walk free and get back to their usual habit — lawbreaking. The death of Lady Justice has been once again remembered through the course of actions permitted by the prime offenders in the country.

Serve the justice to those who deserved it, not to those who afford it. The ruling class composed of corrupted bureaucrats and politicians would always choose to satisfy their colonial masters whether it is China or the United States. Meanwhile, the masses will continue to resist and advance the national democratic struggle for genuine agrarian reform, and national industrialization towards true emancipation from the grip of the imperialist superpowers.


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