On this special day, we honor the remarkable rural women who are the backbone of the rural communities. These strong and persevering women play an incomparable role in shaping our society.


From the process of crops and livestock production and extending this to bring food on the table, managing households and raising families, their contributions have an encompassing impact on both their immediate surroundings and the wider world.


Their endless hours of hard work, often under difficult circumstances, not only sustain their families but also drive the growth and development of rural economies and improve food security.Β 

Hence, let us also acknowledge and address the unique obstacles faced by rural women – state repression, limited access to education, healthcare, and economic opportunities to name a few.Β 


Today, let us celebrate rural women’s unwavering spirit and boundless contributions. Together, let us strive to build a future where every rural woman has equal opportunities, recognition, and support to thrive.


Caption by Princess Payumo

Layout by Yuan SimbulanΒ 

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