Run Away, Sara, Run Away

The premature campaign of Sara Duterte remains rampant in various parts of the country, especially in Pampanga. As disgusting as it may seem, there is no law that can penalize these obnoxious acts by the daughter of the dictator-like President Rodrigo Duterte and their irrational supporters tagged as DDS. As the fascist regime remains unfazed in vindicating constitutional rights and suppressing the marginalized, its political will is not thus far perturbed.

In the year 2016, the irreverent Rodrigo Duterte was in denial of running for presidency preceding the national elections but was determined to run moments after and campaigned that he ran because he was convinced and needed by the nation. It was then the mark of a beginning for the nation’s most unfortunate and disastrous events. Years into his presidency, he perpetuated a “kill, kill, kill” governance that led to a drastic number of extra-judicial killings. As his reign persists, terror and incompetence continue to doom and shroud the already dilapidated state of our nation.

Nearing the 2022 national election, a seemingly deja vu-like event happens as Sara Duterte remains in denial for her presidential aspirations. In contrast with her campaign posters that are now sprouting like wild mushrooms across every different street of various towns in the midst of a crisis. As the health sector and the Filipino people struggle; as the rampant killings of critics and activists go on, political campaigns are much more prioritized than legitimate public service that can rectify the adversities of the masses.

Promoting and enabling the likes of Duterte in the seat of Malacañang will just constitute another six years of monstrosity and social injustices. To sight a Duterte campaign in the midst of peril is to sight an egocentric political will that will just initiate another version of the present scourge.

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