“What Lies Under All That Gold.” | Diktador Noon, Parasitiko Ngayon EP. 2

Join us for the second episode of “Diktador Noon, Parasitiko Ngayon,” a thought-provoking podcast series from The Angelite. In our quest to unveil the truths of Martial Law, we dive deep into the pages of history with this episode entitled “What Lies Under All That Gold.”
We’re honored to be joined by two remarkable guests:
📌Atty. Neri Colmenares – A prominent human rights lawyer and activist, he served as Bayan Muna representative from 2007 to 2016. He was also one of many Martial Law victims who was detained for four years.
📌Gabriel Pajares – A youth activist and the current chairperson of Panday Sining Pampanga.
Together, let us debunk the lies about the alleged Golden Era of Martial Law.
[Trigger Warning: This podcast will discuss experiences of a tortured Martial Law victim. Mentions of violence will be discussed throughout. Viewer discretion is advised.]

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