#HAUuLikeDat trends due to unpreparedness

The right school for you trends once again reaching the top five trending hashtag in Twitter Philippines during the second day of instructions for the Basic Education Department (BEd).

The hashtag #HAUulikeDat exposed the lack of preparedness of the university with the online class setup such as the lack of subjects for fifth year engineering students, schedules and subjects not yet prepared, dubious lab fees, unorganized setups, and learning applications that cannot be accessed.

“Imagine paying a fortune and trust in their claims that they’d give us a smooth-sailing online learning experience, just to be given an inconvenient and unorganized system in the end lmao #HAUuLikeDat“, an Angelite tweeted.

Furthermore, the Angelites also emphasized that the faculty are doing their best but the university fell short thus both the faculty and the students are affected.

“No hate towards advisers and subject teachers who were only told to prepare as well without any additional info on the school’s plans though, i feel bad for them too since they probably prepared a lot just for us to learn”, posted by one netizen on Twitter.

The Basic Education Department has posted a Zoom Meeting link in their page to accommodate concerns, admitting a limited number of people while others will remain in the waiting room.

The Holy Angel University (HAU) has been on the trending chart since April, with #HAUyokoNa hitting 12k tweets and peaking at the second spot of the trending topics. The university recently trended as well with #HoldThemHAUccountable after sexual abuse cases of Angelites surfaced on Twitter.

The Angelite with the help of the University Student Council (USC) and other school formations will conduct a survey this week to gather insights from the student themselves. The gathered information will be used to serve as a basis for campaigns and demands.


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