Residents condemn ‘mala-sindikato’ eviction amid Christmas, pandemic

Locals from Sitio Mawaque Maragul, Mawaque, and Sitio Irong, Brgy. Tabun Mabalacat City expresses concern with the continued harassment by alleged elements of Hausland Development Corporation despite the holidays.

“Malasindikatong sinasamanatala [ng Hausland] ang kawalang hanapbuhay, kagipitan at pangangailangan sa pera ng maralita, upang alukin ng bayad kapalit ng pag alis nila sa kanilang mga tirahan,” stated Marlon Aldaba, a local tanod from the community.

Security personnel allegedly from Separh Security Agency as led by Ryan Cayabyab went house-to-house to bribe and offer money in exchange for the lands where their houses stand, locals say.

Aldaba has previously mentioned that the security men have failed to show documents to support their claim of the land. He added that they recognize no holiday as the forced evictions occurred.

Earlier in December, the urban poor community have reported constant visitations and intimidation from the same group.

Hausland Development Corporation has reached out to the publication to remove their name from previous news stories but is yet to release their statement.

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