Dear life, what’s going to happen next? Somewhere in life we question ourselves. The endless questions we tend to ask when we look in the mirror trying to pick up the point – yes, the point in trying. The sense of no matter how much you work at it nothing good will happen. An endless cycle of pain and suffering. Ah, the futility of life. We tend to search for too much of “something”. The number of questions that lead to further questions. Why everything just seem to be against me? Who else am I going to meet in the future? How? When? What?

Just how many W’s and H do you think you’ll ask just to get the answers you’re looking for? You see, what’s wrong with us? We tend to look for the future, we tend to ask for the future. I’m not going to be hypocrite but yes, I always ask this myself. Lying around the floor questioning my entire existence. Which made me forgot to live in the present. Unfortunately for us human beings, we tend to care for the future too much that we forget to decide something to be happy about.
The problem is that we are not quite sure what happiness is. Sometimes we feel great, sometimes it feels bland and mostly we think it’s painful. We look for something that satisfy us. Something that fill our empty cup. We want to be considered as important – something that we could fit in. Thus, we question ourselves further.

I think that maybe the only time we can stop the futile of life is to search for it. Instead of asking it, why don’t we take our backpack and do an adventure. Search for the meaning thoroughly and sincerely answer it. There’s nothing going to happen in sitting around asking the sky, what is life? In some point of our life, we’ll have wrinkles and sore bones and we’ll think of memories we regret we missed. We tend to look for these things in other people, that we forget we can still get them within ourselves.

If you think God can help us like how Solomon found it. Then look for the spiritual answers. If you think having party and all makes you happy, then so be it. There are a lot of things to discover. It’s like climbing the mountain up and climbing it down back again. It will be difficult, gives you a lot of trouble but the reward of being on top of the mountain is satisfying. I hope that one day, we’ll see the answers we were looking for.

Love, Xinjie.

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