Underdog Valiant secures final slot with a 3 -1 victory over UPD

The League of Legends Esports team of the University demolishes the undefeated University of the Philippines Diliman’s Obolation, advancing to the final rounds of the Predator’s Alliance Summer League of 2020.

“We had a 3 week preparation time before the semi-finals and we used the time to practice even though with a busy online class schedule,” said Jan Robert Alvarez (Kinzon), the team captain.

Alvarez also mentioned that they have already won against UPD before in another tournament which gave them the confidence boost to win.

“We want people to recognize esports not as a distraction, but as an avenue that allows students to learn and become proficient in multiple things,” added Alvarez.

The Valiant HAU will face off against whoever wins at the semifinals round tomorrow between the University of Santo Thomas (UST) and Far Eastern University (FEU).

Valiant Esports is currently under the University-Wide organization League of Students for Excellence. According to their official Facebook page, their goal is to, “promote the esports scene inside the campus and provide a platform to all its members and players for socializing healthy competitions, and educational experiences.”


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