HAU-USC pursues ML’s 50th Anniversary despite the ban of on-site plans

Several on-campus activities were put to cease halfway through the Holy Angel University- University Student Council (HAU-USC) preparations for commemorating the 50th anniversary of Martial Law (ML).

The USC did not mention further the cease of operations but the supposed activities were said to be an exhibit, conference, and film viewing. Regardless, the council shifted its focus online.

It began its series of online activities at midnight on September 19, Monday, where its Facebook page profile picture was updated into a blank black photo. Subsequently, they posted a one-minute video of ML events that happened 50 years ago with the caption, “The youth remembers.”

“Student Organizations and Publications were silenced and forced to back down during Marcos Sr’s time and that’s not what we are hoping to repeat. Despite the risk, the council will choose to not be silenced,” said Hernandez. “Whatever it takes, the truth has to be told,” he added.

The USC later started a display picture (DP) Blast where several HAU students, organizations, and publications also joined in commemoration as they updated their Facebook profile pictures containing the words “ALI NA PASIBAYU.” Anti-Martial Law statements such as, “Never Again” and “Never Forget,” bannered the social media platforms of the HAU community as the USC leads the week-long commemoration.

“There’s more to come and we encourage the members of the press or publications to be of duty in telling the truth and amplify the relevant acts in the upcoming days,” stated Hernandez.

Written By Sophia Suarez

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