The Anatomy of an Academic Quandary

Career is a paramount kit for a well-travelled journey. It is an essential tool in exploring places we fantasize about and uncover whereabouts that are out of sight.

As a student who’s into the juncture of a college degree, uncertainties are bound to groove on, hesitations double the distress, and spontaneity hampers the decisions. Choosing a course to walk on through is one’s integral role in building a character to be played in the workplace. It is tough to choose one especially if you are cannonade with incertitude. So as Jose Rizal who was uncertain as to what course to pursue, thus, he completed several courses such as Bachiller en Artes, Philosophy and Letters, Ophthalmology, and Degree of Licentiate of Medicine.

Stepping into a chosen course is a huge responsibility – either an engineering, accountancy, tourism, education, arts and sciences, computer programming, criminal justice, or in medical field. These courses go through obstacles to refine the strengths and withdraw the uneven. Audacity must be honed for the challenges that may render to somebody who wishes to become one – licensed and professional.

For you to become an engineering student, it takes a bunch of nerves because of the practical skills that must be developed – logical thinking, numeracy, and problem solving. The books that are filled with chemical solutions, equations, and formulas would never be easy for them to study in an entire night. Ruler, protractor, t-square, drawing plates, laboratory manuals, textbooks and codes are the primary stuffs of an engineering student that can be found in their heavy-bloated backpacks. They chase deadlines, stiffed on their plates, and work rather than sleep on their leisure time.

Accountancy students are brave enough to carry calculators, a pack of worksheets, and massive accounting and law books. Accountancy is not all about maths, it’s about analysing certain situation. You may fool words, but not accounting numbers. Microsoft excel is their greatest companion. Analytical skill, problem solving, reasoning skill, and a good grasp of English are the requirements for the survival of the future CPAs. Debit, credit, balance sheet, financial reports, taxation, and receivables are just few of the accounting terms that are quite easy to hear but in dire straits to apply.

Managerial is the term generally associated with tourism management students because their workplace is into managing and decision makings. They have to enhance their skills in building a rapport because this is their stepping stone into their dream destination. In studying tourism management, students must concentrate more on business consciousness, entrepreneurship, and hospitality. These are the key factors in fulfilling the course. Pressure is their number one enemy because as a tourism student – they have to be very particular on several languages, they have to be confident enough in communication, and they have to learn different cultures of each country to prepare themselves in travelling into depths of the world.

In education courses, students are burning the midnight oil. They have an ample reporting schedules, they do well-upholstered debates, they have lessons plans, and unlimited research works. Same as with arts and sciences students who produce films, practice cinematography skills, write literary pieces, and perform different types of speeches. Camera, tripod, laptop, microphones, stage, and audience are the predominant instruments in becoming a bonafide arts and sciences student.

To become a computer programming student, it takes patience and determination to be part of their sphere. Codes are running in their minds, juggling to create programs. Examining computer virus and malwares, studying database, designing software and hardware would never be trouble-free. They have also math – calculus, statistics, and linear algebra. Computers serve as their love of their life for without it, they would never be called computer programmers.

Criminal justice students are not safe from challenges, they have law enforcement where rules and norms governing the society are being discovered. Behind those instantly appealing uniforms, trainings serve as their battlefield. Their physical strengths are being tested so as their minds in solving criminal cases. Body must harmonize the mind, they must be intertwined. They have given problems to seek for solutions using their own multiple intelligences. They undergo on various back-breaking trainings to compose themselves in their future workforce. Sweat, blood, and tears are the foundation to become one of them.

The world of the medical field students is not as plain and simple as what others may think of. It takes fortitude and spirit to step into this course, blood is waving at you. Stethoscopes, phlebotomy kit, first aid kit, medical books, and white coat are the stuffs they oftenly bear with during class hours. Lectures and laboratory are the starter packs of the real medical services – extraction of blood, blood pressure, auscultation, radiation therapy, and medications and treatments. It may sound easy but students must endure the pain first before applying it as perfect as how it should be.

These courses are into a learning process. Nothing is made to be easy. It’s normal to encounter a flood of defeats and failures. We are humans. Let’s break the stigma of courses perspectives. Shifting will never be an instant answer once toughness strikes your way. As long as you are enjoying the course no matter how complex it is, you will never get lost. However, if you don’t have interest in it or if it’s not your own personal choice, then track your tastes and travel with your desires. No more courses are better than your personal interest.

We may be parceled with the dancing 70s in our portal, it doesn’t mean that we are a failure. Time will come, gleaming 90s don’t matter anymore, and all we need is growth and experiences to have a title affixed to our names at all times.

Art by Shara Comullo

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