HAU brings back preliminary exams

With the fourth department to conduct a consultative meeting, School of Tourism and Hospitality Management along with the HAU administration, USC, SHTM – College Student Council, The Concierge, and The Angelite discussed the bringing back of the preliminary exam for the next academic year 2020 – 2021.
“We will bringing back the prelim exam. We will give three exams [prelims, midterms, finals] for the students to perform well. Since blended, tatlo ang markers natin. Tatlo ang ating lilitaw na modules, so parang ang prelims, it’s not a required exam, it’s a project. Or pwede rin sa midterms, project or case study naman. So, ang exam ay mapupush sya sa finals pag may social mobility na”, said Ms. Edna Marizza Santos, Assistant Academic Vice President.
Other concerns such as provision of ingredients, adjustment to syllabus for major subjects, On the Job Training (OJT), the bringing back of prelims exam, payment method, the two-week edmodo online classes for the previous semester and the advantages of online classes were also raised and discussed in the said meeting.
Deducted fees not yet confirmed
The Concierge, the official student publication of the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management (SHTM), asked on what will be the deducted fees from the tuition and miscellaneous fees
“We are talking about it. We are trying the best to come up with the best arrangement that will benefit all the sectors”, said Mr. Robby Tantingco, Vice President for Student Affairs and Services.
SHTM studs to shoulder ingredients, OJT trainees to complete hours.
According to Dr. Tyron Yap, the SHTM Dean, the students will shoulder the ingredients that will be used for the laboratory classes since the department doesn’t collect ingredient fees. Dean Yap added that the department will provide a commissary, a store inside the campus that sells ingredients in retail price.
“This commissary protects students, less exposure sa public market. The commissary will order [the ingredients] and pipickupan ng students before laboratory classes”, said Mr. Mervyn Maico Aldana, Program Chairperson when asked about the purpose of the commissary during the blended learning.
Aldana also explained that the price ranges from 1000 to 2000 pesos every semester depending on the groupings of the class or individuality.
With the SHTM On the Job Trainees, the department assured that these trainees will complete the hours needed, however, their OJT will be in-campus.
“We have Café Juan for culinary and St. Martha Hotel. Café Juan can still operate. Open for delivery within the campus… May learning pa rin”, Dean Yap said on the SHTM OJT framework.
Dean Yap also assured that in the coming semester, the faculty are being well-trained for the more sophisticated learning management system as he mentioned which is the canvas for the online delivery instruction.
“Unlike edmodo na may limitation kasi free lang sya”, Dean Yap also added.
“We will never go full or return fully sa campus until our government orders us. Maybe the other universities are small [when it comes to population] but Holy Angel University is the biggest university. Baka tayo pa ang magkahawa-hawa”, Tantingco said on the blended learning set-up of the university.
The university will release an infomercial video which encapsulates the blended learning arrangement. The video will emphasize the school protocols during the in-campus classes – lines on the canteen, elevator, and classroom setting.
The next consultative meeting will be held tomorrow at 2pm with the School of Arts and Sciences (SAS), the fifth department after SBA, SEA, SOC, and SHTM.

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