CL Aetas harassed and fed with feces by army

In an official statement posted by Umahon Para sa Tunay na Repormang Agraryo, Indigenous Aetas in Sitio Lumabao, San Marcelino, Zambales were beaten up, arrested and one was even fed with feces by the 7th infantry division of the Philippine Army (7TH IDPA) after refusing to evacuate their ancestral domain while the army allegedly clashes with NPA rebels.

According to a chieftain of the said community, the 7th IDPA is forcing the Aetas to evacuate so that they could secure the area, however, some Aeta families refused to leave particularly the Ramos family.

In the statement posted by Umahon Gitnang Luson, Witi Ramos and Jepoy Ramos were beaten up and arrested. Meanwhile, Nalin Urbano Ramos was fed with feces after she was beaten up, she was hospitalized, but she’s now residing at the evacuation center located at Barangay, Aglao.

The 7TH IDPA was allegedly pursuing NPA rebels at the area which caused a mass evacuation of 620 Aeta families. Meanwhile, four helicopters belonging to the 7th IDPA were also allegedly dropping bombs in the area.

According to POKUS Gitnang Luzon, there were no NPA rebels that were caught in the said conflict however one soldier bled to death after being hit because of the conflict.

CHR probes Aeta issue, army denies the allegation

The Commission on Human Rights Region III (CHR-R3) said that they will investigate the allegations of beating up and force-feeding of feces to some indigenous Aetas during the clash between the AFP and NPA rebels.

“We will investigate this issue. For now, that’s all I can give you. I have to establish the facts first before anything else”, stated Jason Carmona, Special Investigator III of the CHR3 office.

Meanwhile, the 7th Infantry Division of the Philippine Army denies the allegations of beating up, and force-feeding of feces to some Indigenous Aetas.

The National Commission on Indigenous People claims they did not find any witnesses regarding the allegation despite the reported statement from the community chieftain and disclosed names of the concerned individuals.


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