HAU’s Blended Learning: 50/50 for in-campus and online

Being the seventh department to have a consultative meeting with the university administration, College of Criminal Justice Education and Forensics (CCJEF) along with the University Student Council, College Student Council-CCJEF, The Headquarters, and The Angelite addressed the issues of the blended learning in which 50% of the class population are in-campus and other half are in online classes.

“Kalahati online, kalahati in-campus… Kapag pinayagan na ng gobyerno at pag may social mobility na, ang schedule ng klase ay 50/50. Pagkaraan ng ilang araw, mag-switch”, said Mr. Robby Tantingco, Vice President for Students Affairs and Services when asked about the schedule of the blended learning.

“Ang purpose non ay para mabawasan ang exposure sa labas and para may campus life din and sa mga lab classes”, Tantingco added.

With the issue of the provision of examinations for the blended learning, “rest assured pagdating ng first semester, no online exam will be given, all exams will be given in the school. Nakaschedule lahat ang submission of requirements”, said Dr. Nino Kabiling, CCJEF Dean.

CCJEF Laboratory Classes

“As of the professional subject of the CCJEF, we share the same laboratory with the School of Arts and Sciences (SAS)… Even sa ibang bansa, wala talagang virtual lab… Ang theory part ay sa prelims and midterms, sa finals, dun yung actual lab”, said Dean Kabiling.

If the pandemic continues until an indefinite date, the department assures to reschedule the actual laboratory on the coming semester once the in-campus classes start.

CCJEF add’l books

“Annually, may national book fair kame. 90% na sinusugggest namin sa library ay binibili naman nila”, said Ms. Maria Diana Delfin, CCJEF Program Chairperson.

Ms. Delfin also asked Dr. Bonifacio V. Ramos, Library Director to purchase criminology books as the program has limited books and resources.

On the retention policy of the CCJEF, incoming third year students must take a qualifying exam to refine those qualified in the program. More so, the department promises to not compromise the policy, instead, qualifying exams will be given once the campus opens.

The university still offers online services suchlike online medical, online guidance counseling, and online masses. Once the university opens, the chapel will remain open as long as social distancing is being observed.

The next Zoom video conference will be held on May 8 at 1:30PM with the School of Education (SED), the last department for the college consultative meeting.

The university is yet to finalize these resolutions presented in the meeting.

This is a developing story.

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