You don’t have to “outwit, outplay, outlast”, you just don’t have to die.

Amidst the sprouting numbers of COVID-19 cases, the National Capital Region (NCR), being the second most populous region in the Philippines, has been facing a dire strait of fret as it sits on the brink of General Community Quarantine (GCQ), tagged as the new normal.

With the first confirmed COVID patient in the City of Manila, it is no wonder that this area has been one of the fighting pits, risking the lives of the common people whose only desire is to combat the government’s poor policies.

As Central Luzon and many other provinces shift to a more relaxed measure, The Survivor Philippines Pandemic Edition commences to not waste the efforts made in the past months and stick to one’s guns by following health standards in particular, social distancing and wearing of face masks, as reiterated by the leaders of our nation.

Despite the panic and peril the GCQ paints, the Filipino masses are forced to go out and cross borders in the name of survival.

In what seems like a manifestation of a fantasy series suchlike the ‘The 100’, this becomes the harsh reality—leaving the Filipino masses with no choice but to survive. In the habits of survival, the Duterte administration tends to forget to be lenient to the Filipino people, treating them as nothing but collateral damage as injustice and impunity grow rampant.

In the end, survival is innate, not a choice.

Art by Amber Dawn Del Rosario

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