When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty!

As President Duterte signed the Anti-Terrorism bill into law, he has once again proven that he is not for the people and democracy. The Filipino masses have aired out their opposition against its implementation, as it is deemed unconstitutional and prone to abuse. Protest actions and discussions were conducted to further explain why this draconian bill is more harm than good. In the midst of the health crisis, the government’s response is violence and intimidation. Fifteen days before it takes full effect, now is the time to strengthen our alliances, collectively unite, and stand our ground.

The Angelite will remain firm in being critical of the government even when the state blurs the line between terrorism and genuine criticism. We encourage fellow student journalists to continue holding the line and serve as a beacon of light in these darker times. This occasion is no different from when the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos declared martial law, campus journalists will not cower in fear thus we will rise above to resist and continue our mandate in serving the people by releasing critical articles, editorials, and artworks that will enlighten the masses and frustrate this corrupted and despicable regime.

This is only the start of an unwavering vigor to fight for our freedom and democratic rights that were taken away from us on this very day. We are all at the threat of being labeled as terrorists, but we know very well who is the true terrorist among us.


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