With almost forty-six thousand positive COVID-19 cases and many more left unemployed due the pandemic, the State prioritizes terror through the passage of the Anti-Terrorism bill. Contrary to its title, the highly criticized and condemned law can be weaponized by the State to silence critics and the opposition through its unconstitutional provisions.
The fight is not yet over however as the Supreme Court stands as our last bastion of hope to repeal the Anti Terror law. It is now our duty to continue voicing out and to put pressure on the High Court to repeal this unconstitutional law that infringes on our freedom of expression, and the bill of rights that is enshrined by the 1987 constitution.
In the country, the new normal is normalizing state and repression The Angelite, the official student publication of Holy Angel University, reiterates its strong opposition against the draconian law and the misprioritized decision of the State, setting terror above the people’s welfare.
Be it on paper or in the streets, we call for the repealing of the Anti-Terrorism law. Let democracy triumph when too many times it was denied.

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