National Campus Press Freedom Day

The National Campus Press Freedom Day is a protest against the blatant attacks on student journalists perpetuated by academic institutions and the State.

Republic Act No. 11440 or the National Campus Press Freedom Day Act aims to secure the constitutional right of student journalists and uphold the freedom of expression of the campus press.

In these unusual times, when the state of press freedom continues to regress and objective truth is being blurred by fake news and propaganda peddled by the corrupted Duterte regime. The role of student journalists today is evident as it was decades ago, to amplify the voices of the toiling masses, expose the harsh realities that is being obscured by the regime, and to organize the masses especially the students to collectively resist. Our responsibility extends beyond contest-based events, our mandate is held not only by the ethics of journalism but also by the passion to serve.

In its 89th year, the College Editors Guild of the Philippines has been in the forefront of upholding genuine campus press freedom. The Angelite, the official student publication of the Holy Angel University, has actively stood firm along with the CEGP and its members, in upholding genuine campus press freedom and fighting for the democratic rights of the people. The fight for genuine campus press freedom is a lifelong struggle.

As the semi-feudal and semi-colonial system continues to worsen, the resistance of the toiling masses will also grow. We shall anticipate a desperate regime that will trample on our freedom of speech, and the freedom of the press to silence the ever growing resistance of the people. The Angelite will continue to uphold its mandate in serving the people, by being the beacon of light in these darker times and by being one with the struggle of the masses. We encourage fellow student publications to continue critical reportage and combat the ill-rotten state propaganda.

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