Finance calls demeaning remarks a ‘disconnect between words’

Following the Angelites’ Protest Twitter rally this week, parents and Angelites came forward regarding the humiliation they experienced with the staff from the Finance Office of Holy Angel University.

“Kapag nanalo ka sa lotto, baka p’wede mo na mabayaran tuition fee ng anak mo,” one employee stated to a mother of an Angelite from the School of Nursing and Allied Medical Sciences (SNAMS).

Also from the same college, a parent was told to just choose which of her two children should enroll, adding that their fees should have even included an interest rate.
On a separate occasion, an Angelite was questioned why she is unable to pay her dues as many students were already enrolled since December.

“May work naman parents mo ‘di ba?” another employee said.

The concerned parties stressed that during this pandemic, the university administration must be lenient and compassionate towards the indebted parents and students.

In an email to The Angelite, Julie S. Garcia, the Head of Accounts & Collection Ofice, stated, “If they sounded unkind or insensitive, we assure you it wasn’t our intention and offer our sincere apology.”

Garcia added that the words spoken were “disconnected” between the tone of manner and delivery, since their staff has always treated parents and students with utmost sensitivity and respect.

Meanwhile, the Holy Angel University Student Council (HAUSC) is planning to forward the complaints to the Human Resource department of the university.

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